Veleka river

Veleka is the longest river in Strandzha. It springs in Turkey and enters its homeland through beautiful gorges. It is 140 km long and is often described as a “lush river with character”. It calms down only in its last 8 km and you can even enjoy it by boat or canoe. The sandy hair around the mouth of the river has a different appearance, depending on the season in which it is observed. Impressive is the rich flora that is found here. In the sand you can see plants such as sea carrots and seaside umbrellas.

From here passes the route of birds to warm countries – Via Pontica. A common sight for beach tourists are cormorants, and besides them here is one of the places where all three species of dolphins meet in the Black Sea – mutkur (guinea pig), common and afala. In its upper course, the river is very fast precipices descend on both sides. This part of it can be seen by tourists, and the accessible points are the localities Petrova Niva and Kovach, as well as the village of Stoilovo. Certain areas of the river are occupied by wonderful landscapes and beautiful meanders. The rivers Mechi Dol and Mladezhka flow into it.

Veleka river

The mouth of the Veleka River has been declared a protected area in order to preserve the amazing nature. The area has a rich ecosystem, and in its centuries-old forests and rocky areas “stay” many birds, some of which are endangered. The bald eagle, which on the territory of our country only in the Strandzha mountain nests in trees, the Egyptian vulture, which is one of the rarest birds in general, the black stork and various mammals. The rock formations around the mouth of the river are a famous tourist attraction, because with a dose of imagination they can look like anything.

Some of the most commonly seen are the Split Rock, the Sphinx and the Pigeons. Shortly after entering the village of Sinemorets, a path opens on the left side of the road, which leads to a high place with an incredibly beautiful view of the river mouth. The mouth of the river is located in the Strandzha Nature Park, a few steps from Sinemorets and 5 km from Ahtopol. The attraction that is most often offered to tourists is a boat ride or canoe-kayak at the mouth of the river. Another interesting experience is the beaching of the strip between the estuary and the beach.

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