Wine tour “The Sea, The Salt, The Black Sea Wine”

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Pomorie, Bulgaria Southern Black Sea coast, Northern Black Sea Coast Tour Guide: Ekaterina Terzieva

A beautiful wine tour, which presents the wine of the Southern and Northern Black Sea coast, the Thracian heritage, the Museum of Salt in Pomorie, the Palace and the Botanical Garden in Balchik, lavender tour, Cape Kaliakra. Three days, seven wine tastings, a scent of salt, lavender, and sea.

Място на тръгване/пристигане

Departure hours: 07.30 from Plovdiv, 08.30 from Stara Zagora, 09.30 from Yambol. For travelers from Plovdiv – departure through the Trakia Motorway, a meeting at the Lukoil gas station on Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.

The price of the tour includes

  • Two breakfasts
  • Two lunches
  • Two overnights
  • Seven wine tastings
  • Aroma tasting of five varieties of Bulgarian lavender
  • Historical tour
  • Visit to the Palace in Balchik
  • Visit to the Botanical Garden in Balchik
  • Visit to the Thracian tomb in Pomorie
  • Visit to the Salt Museum in Pomorie
  • Visit to Cape Kaliakra and the historic fortress
  • Full tour guide service
  • Tourist insurance

The price of the tour does not include

  • Two dinners and one lunch
  • Transport (we organize a carpool trip)

Opportunity to purchase

Opportunity to buy wine at producer prices.

What to expect?

The lands on the North Black Sea coast feed on vineyards and have been soaked in wine and blood since ancient times. The oldest remains of wineries were found in the Yaylata Archaeological Reserve near Kaliakra in the 5th century. That is why we chose the region of the Northern Black Sea coast as a place for our Wine tour “The Sea, The Salt, The Black Sea Wine”.

We will also try the wines on the South Black Sea coast. We have information about the cultivation of vineyards in the region of Pomorie from the ancient Thracians. The Byzantine princess Anna Comnina (1083-1153) tells us about them in her historical work “Alexiada”. And the Ottoman traveler, historian, and travel writer from the XVII century Evliya леelebi also points out as one of the landmarks of our city “many vineyards”.

“Sea, salt, Black Sea wine” is a beautiful wine tour, which presents the wine of the Southern and Northern Black Sea coast, the Thracian heritage, the Museum of Salt in Pomorie, the Palace and the Botanical Garden in Balchik, lavender tour, Cape Kaliakra. seven wine tastings, a scent of salt, lavender and sea.


Day 1: Wine south of the Black Sea – antiquity in amphora

We visit the wine cellar “Bratya Minkovi” – the village of Venets, municipality. Karnobat. For centuries the juiciest and fragrant grapes have been grown in the Karnobat region. In the specially built museum complex of the cellar are exhibited ancient vessels for storing wine and red-figure pottery with images of the god Dionysus from V-IV century BC. Some of the awards of the famous Karnobat brothers Minkovi are also preserved. In the distant 1894, their wine won the first Bulgaria Gold Medal from the world exhibition in Brussels.

For adventure lovers is a walk in the two underground tunnels of 80 m, dug under the cellar. In them, the wines of “Minkovi Brothers” are aged at natural temperature, in over 6,000 barrels of American and French oak. We go to Pomorie and wine cellar “Tohun” – – the proto-Bulgarian tent near Pomorie. Modern cellar with classic – underground, aboveground type for processing grapes with a capacity of 600 tons per year. 100% own grapes are vinified. The winery has high-tech German and Italian equipment for the production of short series of high-quality wines. The winery was built on its own land with an area of ​​11,333 square meters.

We head to the Ancient Dome Tomb – Heroon near the town of Pomorie – the largest Thracian tomb in our country. The site is unique for the Balkan Peninsula. It dates back to the end of the 3rd and the beginning of the 4th century AD and is defined as the latest representative of the domed Thracian tombs for the territory of Bulgaria. We also visit the Museum of Salt in Pomorie – the only museum in Bulgaria and in Eastern Europe for the production of salt by solar evaporation of seawater.
Overnight in Pomorie.

Day 2: Anhial wine, history and the scent of lavender

We visit “Diwes Winery” – one of the youngest Bulgarian wineries. It is located next to Simeon’s Hill – the place is named after Tsar Simeon the Great (863-927), because it is assumed that this is where he led and won the battle of Aheloy on August 20, 917 AD. This battle is one of the most spectacular battles of the entire European Middle Ages. According to a chronicler, a total of 122,000 people take part in it. Apart from a wine tasting and a historical tour, the tour also includes an aroma tasting of five varieties of Bulgarian lavender, planted on a terrace with a magnificent view of the sea.

We also visit the wine cellar “Stratsin” – the village of Stratsin, municipality. Pomorie. The winery started its activity in 2015 and is oriented towards the production of high-quality varietal wines with a protected geographical indication (PGI). The winery owns over 300 decares of its own vineyards, and the varietal composition includes the “stars” of the wine world – white Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat, and red Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah.

We head to Balchik, where a fabulous experience awaits us in the Botanical Garden, the Royal Cellar, and the Palace. Balchik is reminiscent of a forgotten corner of the Romantic Orient when in 1913 it temporarily became a Romanian possession. Artists and poets fell in love with him, and later the Romanian Queen Maria chose the picturesque area around the river to build her residence – her “Quiet Nest” on the beach.
Overnight in Balchik.

Day 3: Wine picnic in the vineyards, Kaliakra and the North Black Sea Coast

In the morning we go to the historic cape Kaliakra – high, windy, and rocky, cut two kilometers into the sea off the coast of Kavarna. One of the most picturesque places on the North Black Sea coast. We continue to the Cella “Salla Estate”, founded in 2010 by the brothers Ivan Ivanov and Georgi Anastasov, owners of the winery today. Both have a long career in the banking and financial sector, after the withdrawal of which, the idea for a small boutique cellar was born.

During the cultivation of the land before planting the new vineyards, Greek and Roman coins from Moesia and Thrace, fragments of pottery and pottery dating from the 4th century BC were found in the area. to the 19th century, which testifies to the existence of a large wine market.

Our wine experiences continue with a wine picnic among the vineyards of the wine cellar “Lozeto” near Dalgopol. We will try five wines and enjoy a three-course menu prepared by the owners, who also breed elite beef cattle breeds. All this is in the middle of the view of the hills between two beautiful dams, where the sun’s rays dance on the leaves of the vines.

The Southern and Northern Black Sea coasts of Bulgaria

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