Prohodna cave

The eyes of God look at us for 68 million years in the “Prohodna” cave

Prohodna Cave is one of the most famous and easily accessible caves in Bulgaria. It is located 2 km from the village of Karlukovo. It was formed about 68 million years ago as a result of karst processes in the Karlukovo region – one of the largest karst regions in Bulgaria.

Apart from being extremely impressive, the Prohodna Cave, also called the Eyes of God or God’s Eyes, is the longest cave tunnel in the country. It is a natural rock bridge with a length of 262 m. It has two entrances – large and small. From the small entrance with a height of about 35 m starts a path that passes through the entire cave and exits through the large entrance, which is the largest cave vault in Bulgaria – 45 m.

The passageway is naturally lit by the huge entrances and by the natural openings in the ceiling, called “windows”. It is the “windows” that make the cave unique. Located next to each other, with the same almond shape, the windows look amazingly like huge eyes that seem to stare at visitors.

It is no coincidence that the locals call them “Eyes of God”. Viewed from a certain angle, they resemble a face looking down, and in wet weather, they seem to flow “tears”. If you stand under the “eyes”, you will notice that they can cry – small drops of water gather at the edges and rumble down straight towards you in wet weather.

Prohodna cave

Legend has it that these tears mourned the girls thrown into the cave by the Ottoman Turks during slavery. Faced with this natural phenomenon, one remains amazed and slightly excited – the incredible symmetry and arrangement of the windows evoke awe and a sense of mystery.

Through the Eyes of God, frozen in the Prohodna Cave, every year on March 21, on the day of the spring equinox, a ray of sunshine passes, hinting at the former rites performed at this place. Remains of ancient inhabitants have also been found in this cave.

The cave was declared a natural landmark in 1962. It is home to several Bulgarian and foreign films – “Boris I”, the French large-scale production Vercingétorix: La Légende du druide roi, the American The Way Back, the Soviet-Bulgarian film “In the Footsteps of a Captain”. Grant “, the TV series” Shmenti Kapeli: The Legend “, the video for Miro’s song” The Top of the Mountain “. The scene from the movie “Time Apart” (1987) was shot in the Prohodna cave, in which the Athos monk priest Aligorko prayed to God. Visiting the cave “Prohodna” is part of our gastro tour “Green cheese, croissant, and Teteven fish – come, taste”

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