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The authentic taste of the local Bulgarian dishes is sought after by tourists and visitors to the Rhodopes mountain. For many people culinary traditions as a reason for their visit. The Rhodopes are a mystical place where, in addition to enjoying unique nature, magical views, listening to myths and legends about human destinies and stories, you can find your secret place of rest and unforgettable vacation. In the past, the Rhodopes were separated from the interior of the country due to a lack of roads. This was the reason why it was very difficult to supply food. Thus the Rhodope women used only products from their own garden to feed the family. Among the most typical foods in the Rhodopes are the Rhodope potatoes, beans, and corn.

The legendary taste of the Rhodope yogurt is already known all over the world, apart from the fact that people love it, they believe that the longevity of the Rhodope people is due to it. Smilyan beans are an emblem of the cuisine of the villages along the river Gorna Arda. Apart from soup, it can also be served as a delicious salad. Among the most delicious Rhodope dishes is patatnik, prepared from the famous Smolyan potatoes, cheese, spices, and salt. A must-try dish is a Rhodope wedge. In different places, this specific pie is prepared with different ingredients – milk, spinach, rice, or nettle.

Rhodope klin

Rhodope pancakes are called marudnitsi. They are made with yogurt and are small, thick pancakes that are served with homemade berry jam. Among the most famous Rhodope dishes bequeathed by our ancestors is “kachamak”. It is a kind of porridge, which is prepared from corn flour, and boiled in salted water. Sprinkle with cheese, greaves or fried butter with paprika. The festive Rhodope table includes a delicious lamb barbecue known as “cheverme”.

It is known that the Rhodope flocks graze only fresh grass, so the lamb is much tastier and tenderer. A gift from the mountain is the variety of berries, herbs and wild mushrooms. Today in modern Rhodope cuisine are collected many of the basics of authentic Rhodope dishes. If you are planning a vacation in nature, visit the Rhodopes – the lands that have preserved the traditions and authentic taste of Bulgarian culture and cuisine. Join in our culinary challenge – the gastro tour “On the way to saffron and Rhodope cuisine” to try the famous Rhodope cuisine.

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