Smyadovska lukanka

The golden years of the legendary Bulgarian sausage “Smyadovska lukanka”

On the way to the small Bulgarian town Smyadovo, next to a tall pylon with the national tricolor, a monument with a black pig rises. Artfully painted black pigs adorn the facade of a block of flats on the town’s main street. The black pig has been turned into the coat of arms of Smyadovo in honor of the greatest pride of its inhabitants – the legendary sausage “Smyadovska lukanka”. With the famous sausage, they gained fame far beyond the city limits, and thanks to it the local pig farmers and sausage makers experienced their golden age. It is not known exactly when this delicacy was prepared for the first time, but its written history begins with a note from 1621 by the Polish poet Samuel Twardowski, envoy of King Sigismund to the Turkish sultan. On his way to the capital of the Ottoman Empire, the poet passed through Smyadovo, tasted the delicious sausages, and wrote in his diary: “There are wonderful pigs here and they make sausages similar to ours.”