Sausage, cheese and terrine with Bulgarian truffles – the new gourmet temptation

Have you tried goat cheese, terrine with duck liver and sausage with truffles? This is the new Bulgarian gourmet temptation. The participants in the upcoming gastronomic tour “On the hunt for truffles – from the forest to gourmet dishes” on July 24 and 25, 2021 will embark on the adventure for the palate. The trip to Veliko Tarnovo and Tryavna is for all aristocrats at heart.

The first truffle cheese in the world is the work of a Bulgarian chef from Veliko Tarnovo. In 2015, Stanimir Radichev started a very tasty experiment because of a bet. During a treat, his friends jokingly suggested that they would give him 100 liters of goat’s milk if he could make truffle cheese.

Суджук с трюфели

The gastronomic adventure tour “Truffle Hunting – from the forest to gourmet dishes” is for all aristocrats at heart and adventure lovers. We present an exotic and little known for Bulgaria livelihood – truffle hunting, we also plan tastings of gourmet food with truffles.

On the first day, we will try different types of cheese, sausage with the precious mushroom and terrine with fat duck liver and truffles, we will enjoy elegant wines from the region of Lyaskovets and Suhindol, we will finish with aromatic brandy enriched with truffles, and the meat dish for dinner will be is with truffle sauce.

On the second day we will embark on the great adventure – truffle hunting in the green forests of Stara Planina. We will get there with off-road jeeps, and a professional guide and specially trained dogs will help us find truffles.

The tour also has a cultural program with a visit to the glamorous capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom – Veliko Tarnovo, the Dryanovo Monastery “St. Archangel Michael” and the cozy Revival town of Tryavna. Everyone will also receive a surprise gift.

Сирене с трюфели

Another acquaintance of the company promises to provide the required amount of the expensive mushroom. Radichev started his first experience with an elderly man from a village near the old capital, who owns his own dairy. Unfortunately, the result does not live up to expectations. Radichev did not give up and continued with the experiments, and his friends helped him by providing raw materials. And so until the fourth attempt, when the chef from Tarnovo finally remains satisfied with the result. It wasn’t long before he started offering cheese at the restaurant where he worked, and the guests were incredibly impressed.

Radichev often receives orders for larger quantities of cheese with truffles. So the resourceful chef decided to offer the new product to his fellow chefs and shops, but since there are no documents on the origin of the cheese hits a snag. He starts looking for a dairy to produce from the unique delicacy. And this turned out to be a difficult job, because the dairies required too large production quantities, while the orders were more for a few kilograms. Stanimir Radichev remembers that the first more serious step was taken when he received an order for 200 kg of the incredible truffle cheese.

Терин с трюфели

The culinary master manages to obtain the necessary production documents, but the goat’s milk is already too low. Waiting again for the month of April, when the goats start milking, the chef tries the recipe, but with cow’s milk. Nevertheless, he chooses goat’s milk. “Although most people like it, the main product will continue to be produced with goat’s milk,” he said.

Shortly afterwards, he created a recipe for cheese with porcini, which was also a great success. After 3 long years, Radichev finally managed to patent his invention, which in turn attracted huge interest among visitors to the “Green Week” in Berlin in 2018. Recently, chef Radichev patented a goat sausage with truffles, which received an award for innovation at the International Fair in Plovdiv. Stanimir’s latest achievement is the combination of brandy with truffles. he calls the exotic Truffle brandy.

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