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A breathtaking view is revealed at 1563 meters above sea level from the panoramic site “Orlovo oko” (“Eagle’s Eye”) below peak St. Iliya in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria. From here you can see the beauty of the Buynovo Gorge, the Bulgarian and Greek part of the Rhodopes, and a small part of Pirin and Rila mountains.

Among the majestic mountains, a breath-taking view of the Yagodina, Chala, Borino, and Chairski lakes reveals itself. The panorama is so magnificent that we have included the walk to “Orlovo oko” in our gastronomic tour “On the way to saffron and Rhodope cuisine”.

“Orlovo oko” observation platform was built in 2009

“Orlovo oko” observation platform was built in 2009 and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the area of The Western Rhodopes. It was established by the Rhodope Tourist Association in the village of Yagodina. Close to that spectacular place is located the remarkable Yagodinska Cave. With a total length of 10,500 m, it is the third-longest cave in the country after Duhlata and Orlova Chuka and the longest in the Rhodope Mountains. Yagodinska Cave is home to 11 species of bats.

Orlovo Oko (Eagle's Eye) Rhodopes

The name of the peak Saint Iliya – the holy lord of thunders

“Orlovo oko” is a reinforced concrete structure mounted on the edge of Rhodope peak St. Iliya, which can withstand loads up to 3 tons. There are two ways you can climb to that beautiful place. The first is a hiking trail, and the second is an off-road ride, a service provided by local people with specially equipped jeeps.

The Rhodope Tourist Association recommends that visitors do not climb in bad, foggy, or rainy weather because this place is often struck by flashes of lightning. That is the hence of origin of the name of the peak Saint Iliya – the holy lord of thunders.

Orlovo Oko (Eagle's Eye) Rhodopes

If you are lucky, you can also see a field of real wild Mursal tea. But don’t break it – our tour also includes a visit to a farm for the miraculous Mursal tea in the region of Trigrad. It is cultivated and we will try it and know a lot for its miraculous qualities.

For more details about the Mursal tea, check here.

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