Маджун от диня

“Madzhun” from watermelon and sugar broom – the honey for the poor of Dobrudzha

Sweet “madzhun”, also called “the honey for the poor”, usually is made from sugar cane and sugar beet, watermelon, grapes, pumpkin, prunes, sugar broom. Actually, it is a concentrated syrup of sweet fruit.

In the Bulgarian region Dobrudzha, where we try this product during our gastro and cultural tour “Taste Golden Dobrudzha!”, it is traditionally prepared from watermelon and sugar broom. In the district of Silistra, in the villages of Smilets and Srebarna, watermelon “honey” was simply mandatory as a treat for guests.

Although it was not very highly valued in the past, today watermelon “madzhun” is known for its qualities and this makes it an extremely wanted product. It does not contain artificial additives or preservatives. The carbohydrates in its composition are about 80%. It consists of 100% fructose, which is broken down very quickly by the body.

Sweet watermelon “madzhun” protects against various diseases

The content of iron and riboflavin in sweet watermelon “madzhun”  exceeds the amount contained in honey, and 100 grams of the product provide the body’s daily dose of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron.

Great millet, durra, jowari, jowar, milo

Depending on the fruit used to make this fruit “honey”, the benefits to the body are different. When sugar beet is used, the chromium reduces the likelihood of diabetes and helps strengthen bones and muscles.

Sweet grape “madzhun” relieves symptoms of kidney and digestive problems. It has a positive effect on anemia and weak blood vessels. If the product is prepared from mulberry, it protects against colds, stimulates mental and physical development in children.

How to prepare watermelon “madzhun”?

The basic technology is the same in all parts of the country. Only well-ripened fruits are used. Watermelons should be healthy and large. To make one dose we need 5 watermelons. The fruit is washed and cut in half. The inside should be carved with a spoon and to be rubbed through a colander. Thus removing seeds and solids. It is then filtered using gauze.

We boil the juice on low heat. After boiling, remove the resulting foam and stirring often so as not to burn. It takes at least four hours to obtain watermelon “honey” with the desired density. The finished product must have a thick consistency and a dark brown color. If stored in jars in a cool place, that delicious product can be fresh for several years.

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