Amethyst Gems Fever in the Rhodope Klondike Adventure gastro tour

Who doesn’t love the good old treasure hunt? The beauty of precious stones is something to be amazed at, and it is also exciting to find a treasure to take with you. The days of getting rich by looking for gems and gold are long gone, but in recent years this experience has become one of the most modern types of tourism in the world. Among the countries where it is often practiced are Turkey, Georgia, the United States, Ethiopia, Colombia, and Australia. In Bulgaria, this type of adventure tourism is just beginning. But that country, rich in valuable minerals and gold, has huge potential for its development.

Gems Fever in the Rhodope Klondike Adventure gastro tour

Purple amethysts, astonishing with their colors agates, milky blue chalcedony, and noble jasper – they all lie buried in the mine near Madzharovo in the Eastern Rhodopes. To find them, all you have to do is walk around the old mine area and maybe use a hammer and chisel. “It’s the thrill of hunting,” said Yumer Tasim, a hotel owner in the area and a sought-after guide on semi-precious and precious stone hunting expeditions. “You never know what you’ll find. The next stone, the next full shovel can bring you something really great.”

Thanks to its location in the crater of the volcano that went extinct 35 million years ago, during socialism Madjarovo developed as an ore settlement. As a result of volcanic activity, there is lead ore, silver, gold, and over 16 types of precious minerals and precious stones, some of which you can still collect along the beautiful meanders of the Arda River.

Agate Adventure gastrotour Fever for precious stones in the Rhodope Klondike

From the 50s of the XX century to the end of the 80s Madjarovo developed as a mining village and its inhabitants reached almost 10,000 people. In the 1990s, the state abandoned the Madjarovo lead-zinc mine and stopped the construction of the precious stone processing plant, and the facilities were blown up. The study of amethyst, agate, and jasper deposits has never been completed.

After the closure of the two mines of the former mining giant GORUBSO, Madzharovo began to melt. Today it is the smallest town in Bulgaria after Melnik, with a population of only 670 people, and the area around the former mine is ruled by mountain guides and stonemasons. Many of them worked in the former mines, others are treasure hunters with collections of more than five tons of precious and semi-precious stones, others have their own jewelry workshops.

Gems Fever in the Rhodope Klondike Adventure gastro tour Cover

With the help of local guides, we at SlowTours.BG will take you on an expedition to search for valuable minerals near Madzharovo, which we have called “Fever for precious stones in The Rhodope Klondike”. Among the most common stones here is amethyst – one of the stones with universal therapeutic properties. His energy is very powerful and highly purifying, it is believed to carry wisdom. Helps with headaches, migraines, increased mental load, insomnia.

Jasper also has strong healing and grounding powers. The ancient Egyptians wore jasper scarabs as amulets because the stone was believed to increase sexual energy. According to the Bible, the jasper is a gift from God and is the first stone of the new Jerusalem.

Gems Fever in the Rhodope Klondike Adventure gastro tour

Chalcedony, which is also often found near Madzharovo, symbolizes calm and composure, for Tibetans, it is a stone of purity and concentration. In ancient times it was quite a popular decorative stone, engraved with deities and water spirits. The ancients believed that this stone could affect the weather and tried to appease the gods with it.

Agate provides a balance between physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual states. The stone helps in the treatment of diseases of the pancreas and improves blood circulation. Everything you find during the expedition, you can keep.

Later we will look at a collection of over 1000 specimens of precious and semi-precious stones, we will learn about their energy and healing properties, we will have the opportunity to join a small bazaar for jewelry inlaid with stones.

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    Can you give dates when this is available.

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      Dear Susan,

      The dates for 2021 are December 4 and 5. Next year the tour will take place again and we will keep you informed about the upcoming dates.

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