Потопената църква Жребчево

The submerged church – how the power of faith lives under the waters of Zhrebchevo dam

An old stone church appears as a beautiful apparition in the waters of Zhrebchevo dam and disappears after half a year. Six months a year, the church cannot be reached on foot, but only by water, because it lies under the waters of the dam. The magic has been going on for half a century since in 1962 the church and the houses of the former village of Zapalnya remained under the newly built Zhrebchevo dam.

Prohodna cave

The eyes of God look at us for 68 million years in the “Prohodna” cave

Prohodna Cave is one of the most famous and easily accessible caves in Bulgaria. It is located 2 km from the village of Karlukovo. It was formed about 68 million years ago as a result of karst processes in the Karlukovo region – one of the largest karst regions in Bulgaria.

The romantic island of Saint Anastasia smells of herbs in the bay of Burgas

St. Anastasia Island is the most romantic place in the Burgas Bay, shrouded in mystery, pirate stories, and the scent of herbs and medicinal herbs. Visiting the island by boat is part of our gastro tour “Tastes of The Black Sea Strandzha”.

Veleka river

Veleka – the magical river with character under Via Pontica

Veleka is the longest river in Strandzha. It springs in Turkey and enters its homeland through beautiful gorges. It is 140 km long and is often described as a “lush river with character”. It calms down only in its last 8 km and you can even enjoy it by boat or canoe.

Тракийска гробница Свещари

The tomb in Sveshtari – the masterpiece of Thracian culture

Hundreds of monuments from the time of Thracian civilization have been discovered on the territory of Bulgaria. The tomb in the village of Sveshtari, Razgrad region, is among the best-preserved and most impressive in our land.

Бяла лястовица

A magical white swallow still brings hope in the Bulgarian Dobrudzha

Dobrudzha is among the favorite places of the Bulgarian writer Yordan Yovkov. He points the region out as a source of inspiration. The Bulgarian master of the stories has lived in Dobrudzha for about 10 years but that period has been a source of lots of creative fantasies for him. There Yovkov created some of his most magical and captivating plots.

Орлово око Родопите SlowTours.BG

“Orlovo oko” – a paradise for the soul under Rhodopes’ St. Iliya peak

A breathtaking view is revealed at 1563 meters above sea level from the panoramic site “Orlovo oko” (“Eagle’s Eye”) below peak St. Iliya in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria. From here you can see the beauty of the Buynovo Gorge, the Bulgarian and Greek part of the Rhodopes, and a small part of Pirin and Rila mountains.


How Melnik became famous with a novel by Carl May

The famous writer of adventure novels Carl May wrote about the Bulgarian town of Melnik at the end of the 19th century. In 1888 the writer published the series “Through the depths of the Balkans” and he described the hard life of the Bulgarian folk in the Ottoman Empire.