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Polyphonic singing Dolen

Polyphonic singing from the villages of Dolen and Satovcha entered the UNESCO list

Polyphonic singing, also known as “high singing” in the Bulgarian villages of Dolen and Satovcha, has already been inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of Elements of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. High singing is a specific performance of local folk songs, which originates in the village of Dolen. Later it was transferred to the village of Satovcha by women who were emigrants or became daughters-in-law there. Today, this type of singing is on the verge of extinction, as only 4 grandmothers remain in Dolen from the singing group that performs these songs.

Bulgarian black mussels – excellent taste, gentle color and sea fragrance

Black mussels are one of the most delicious and fragrant representatives of seafood. What makes them truly unique is the smooth and delicate meat, as well as the smell that brings the breath of the sea. If you want to try fresh mussels in a real fishing village, join our gastro tour “Tastes of The Black Sea Strandzha”. For reservations: ☎️0898471201 ?office@slowtours.bg

Veleka river

Veleka – the magical river with character under Via Pontica

Veleka is the longest river in Strandzha. It springs in Turkey and enters its homeland through beautiful gorges. It is 140 km long and is often described as a “lush river with character”. It calms down only in its last 8 km and you can even enjoy it by boat or canoe.


Fire-dancing – the beautiful pagan custom in the Strandzha mountain

Fire-dancing is one of the most beautiful pagan customs which still exists in the Bulgarian part of Strandzha mountain. We celebrate it every year on May 21 when the feast of St. Constantine and his mother St. Helena is. Both saints are considered patrons of fire dancers, known as “nestinari” in Bulgarian.


How the Gabrovo masters have been making soap for more than 200 years

The masters of soap from the Gabrovo region, Bulgaria, are the only ones in our country who have preserved the craft of soap making for more than two centuries. They were the first who created Bulgarian toilet soap in order to stop the invasion of imported soap. They also managed to withstand the market pressure of cheap soaps from the Greek island of Crete.

Зелено сирене от Черни Вит

The Green cheese from Cherni Vit – without analog on The Balkans

The only green mold cheese in the Balkans is made in the Bulgarian village of Cherni Vit. It is one of the three kinds of cheese in Europe that develop mold naturally. The tasting of green cheese is the focus of our gastronomic tour “Green cheese, krockmach and apple halva”, which we organize in this part of Bulgaria.