Кайсиева ракия

The apricot rakia is one of the symbols of Danube Dobrudzha. Mild taste and strong apricot aroma make the drink characteristic and unforgettable, regardless of the style in which it is prepared. If you want to taste real aromatic apricot rakia join our gastro and cultural tour “Taste Golden Dobrudzha”,  to try the famous Silistra elixir.

Mild taste and strong apricot aroma

Choosing the right variety of apricots has a huge impact on the final product, which is kind of brandy. The fruit must always be well-ripened and free from injury, while at the same time they must be fresh to create an inimitable aroma. The aim of the fermentation process is to achieve a slurry that is suitable for distillation and has a minimum of 5% abv. When brewing rakia, the thinnest moment is the risk of burning, as apricot puree is very thick.


Therefore, even heating and heat distribution is required, as boiling is done over low heat. Distillation should be done in well-cleaned vats that are heated with steam. The best apricot brandy is 40-42 degrees and is suitable for drinking only after the 40th day of its preparation. Important for the color and aroma of rakia is its maturation. Some rakia masters color it with wild cherry or oak mix, but the real masters of Silistra apricot brandy strive to achieve a natural warm yellowish color.

Important for the color and aroma of rakia is its maturation

The main factor in determining the style of apricot rakia is the presence or absence of stone in the aroma and taste. For many people, its presence is absolutely unacceptable. Others believe that it has its place in the overall aromatic and taste profile of the drink, as it gives complexity and finesse to the brandy.

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