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Dobrudzha is among the favorite places of the Bulgarian writer Yordan Yovkov. He points the region out as a source of inspiration. The Bulgarian master of the stories has lived in Dobrudzha for about 10 years but that period has been a source of lots of creative fantasies for him. There Yovkov created some of his most magical and captivating plots.

One of them is the novel “On the Wire” in which the life and healing of one young woman and her family are shaped by their belief in the white swallow. In Bulgaria, people believe that swallows bring happiness and good luck. Especially appreciated are white swallows. Because they are very rare, people believe that they are special messengers of good fortune. Using this symbol,  Yovkov aims to introduce us to the world of human kindness.

Yordan Yovkov

Some of the places that inspire Yovkov in Dobrudzha are included in the route of our gastronomic and cultural tour “Taste Golden Dobrudja!”. Many villages in the Dobrudzha region, which is known as the Granary of Bulgaria,  today are associated with the name of Yovkov. Among them are the villages of Karaliy (now called Krasen), Sarja (Rositsa), Chifutkoy (Yovkovo), and Chiflik Musubey (Dolen Izvor). Everywhere in Dobrudzha, you can see murals, memorial plaques, memorial signs, monuments, and museum collections dedicated to the great Bulgarian author. Only in Dobrich have been created three sculptural figures dedicated to one person – Yordan Yovkov, the Singer of Dobrudzha.

People believe that swallows are special messengers of good fortune

House-monument “Yordan Yovkov” in the city of Dobrich is a beautiful combination of Renaissance traditions and modern thinking in architecture. This is the only one of its kind and the largest center that explores, publishes and preserves the work and life of the writer Yordan Yovkov. There are stored about 10,000 pieces of Yovkov’s work and life with the idea that they will reach the next generations.


The most attractive and valuable exhibits can be seen at the permanent exhibition. Among them are a baptismal certificate, books,  photos, documents related to Yovkov`s early teaching in Dobrudzha, when he began his first poetic and fictional attempts. The first two editions of books, published as “Stories” in 1917 and 1918, collected much of the writer’s military stories. The museum also preserves the Adler typewriter on which Yovkov works in Bucharest as a servant in the Bulgarian Legation. The cycles of stories named “Stara Planina Legends”, “The Song of the Wheels” and “Evenings at the Antimovski Khan” are written on that typewriter.

Nothing has changed in Yordan Yovkov’s office since the mid-1930s. There, in the silence and coziness, he creates eternal works. Numerous manuscript pages, plans, sketches, translations of works into foreign languages ​​, and various creative activities of the writer have been preserved. His personal belongings and clothes show the intimate side of the writer. This is a place of worship for the personality and creativity of the writer. The tour of these places is a journey on the path of hope.

The tour in Dobrudzha is a journey on the path of hope

The name of Yordan Yovkov is associated with cultural and geographical landmarks. Among them is the Yordan Yovkov Drama Theater in Dobrich. In General Toshevo, the multi-profile hospital is named “White Swallow”. In honor of the 125th anniversary of the writer’s birth in the city was unveiled a monument to “White Swallow”. Since 1970, a competition with the Yordan Yovkov National Literary Prize has been organized every five years, an expression of the respect of the people of Dobrudzha for the writer. 15 years ago the sculptor Dimitar Evtimov created a monument of 54 swallows, among which there is a white one. And people believe: the magical white swallow still brings hope in the Bulgarian Dobrudzha.

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