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Потопената църква Жребчево

The submerged church – how the power of faith lives under the waters of Zhrebchevo dam

An old stone church appears as a beautiful apparition in the waters of Zhrebchevo dam and disappears after half a year. Six months a year, the church cannot be reached on foot, but only by water, because it lies under the waters of the dam. The magic has been going on for half a century since in 1962 the church and the houses of the former village of Zapalnya remained under the newly built Zhrebchevo dam.

Prohodna cave

The eyes of God look at us for 68 million years in the “Prohodna” cave

Prohodna Cave is one of the most famous and easily accessible caves in Bulgaria. It is located 2 km from the village of Karlukovo. It was formed about 68 million years ago as a result of karst processes in the Karlukovo region – one of the largest karst regions in Bulgaria.


Sausage, cheese and terrine with Bulgarian truffles – the new gourmet temptation

The gastronomic adventure tour “Truffle Hunting – from the forest to gourmet dishes” is for all aristocrats at heart and adventure lovers. We present an exotic and little known for Bulgaria livelihood – truffle hunting, we also plan tastings of gourmet food with truffles.